About Lisa Ramotar

Lisa Ramotar was awarded the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship for graduate studies in the United Kingdom, there she was awarded a Masters In Project Analysis Finance and Investment.

Lisa Ramotar has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Toronto.

Lisa Ramotar has recently completed level 2 of the CFA examinations and is currently enrolled to sit the final level, level 3.

Lisa has volunteered for two academic years at the University of Guyana teaching third and final year courses in Finance. This has allowed her to contribute to the University that has given her her foundation.

Lisa Ramotar was the General Manager of the Guyana Gold Board the country’s gold trading and regulatory body. There she surpassed gold declaration targets and increased revenues by over 30 percent. During her time as a gold regulator, she proposed legislative changes and better streamlining of the gold trading sector.

Lisa has extensive central banking experience working as an economist at the Bank of Guyana where she assisted in the development and tested a foreign exchange risk factor that would have allowed for the central bank to provide quantitative bands within which financial institutions can have foreign currency exposure.

Lisa Ramotar was Guyana’s representative to the World Bank serving as the Advisor to the Canadian Executive Director. During her time she advised on developmental project in Western Africa and studied and advised the Executive Director on suitability and impact of the Bank’s private sector investments.

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