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Lisa Ramotar Discusses Equity Research and the Mining Sector

The mining sector is still one of the most lucrative business opportunities on the planet. Like any business venture, the initial research steps are the most important. Financial modeling, business and deal valuation, industry and company analysis, and risk analysis are paramount. This is where Lisa Ramotar comes in. Lisa Ramotar has the leadership skills, experience and proven success of earning revenue in the mining sector.

As General Manager Lisa Ramotar conducted all of the necessary statistical analyses to identify the trading strategies that would be most profitable. Lisa Ramotar has experienced unprecedented profitability within the government’s gold trading sector, achieving a 71 percent growth. Lisa Ramotar proposed policies to change the face of the gold trading sector. Understanding the purpose and importance of developing a risk management policy and establishing trading and position limits was one of the major keys to the consistent success displayed by Lisa Ramotar.

The mining sector is more important in today’s world than ever, with new uses of precious metals being found each year as technological advancements evolve exponentially. Gold itself has a history in human culture thousands of years old. The Gold Standard was utilized by Britain until 1931 and the United States until 1933, but this did not stop the precious metal from continuing to increase in value since then and there are more opportunities in mining today than ever. But how does one determine if a particular company is a solid investment opportunity? Lisa Ramotar begins with equity research.

Lisa Ramotar understands that in order to be profitable with any consistency, there are a number of research elements that are paramount to the potential success of investing and developing in the mining sector. The geography of the land surrounding the mine itself must be taken into consideration. It is necessary to find out how much tonnage of ore is available and how much of that tonnage is in a position to be mined before depletion. Several other important factors to take into consideration are labor and equipment and of course, doing your due diligence on the company or country that will be performing the mining itself. Armed with this information through research, the next step is to lay out a five to a ten-year valuation of the mine.

Lisa Ramotar is equipped to deal with all aspects of equity research in the mining sector. Her international experience as well as knowledge of the sector makes her a  perfect leader for future projects in the mining sector.

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