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Motivation Methods as Suggested By Lisaveta Ramotar

Everybody has dreams that can seem impossible to achieve without a high level of personal motivation. Thankfully, skilled manager Lisaveta Ramotar recently suggested a handful of motivational methods that helped her achieve a higher level of success throughout her life.

Lisaveta RamotarLisaveta Ramotar Suggest Making a Personal Deal

Motivation is not as hard as it seems, Lisaveta Ramotar suggests, as long as people understand what motivates them. She suggests that people make a deal with themselves on small things. For example, those who want to write a book should reward themselves when they finish a chapter. Lisaveta Ramotar suggests something fun, like a relaxing walk, a bite of ice cream, or fun time with the family.

These types of personal deals are crucial for motivation success. Without creating such guidelines, Lisaveta Ramotar says most people will put off important work, justify laziness and end up getting upset and depressed. She believes that everybody has the strength to reach their dreams, as long as they understand that getting there is a hard job made up of small steps.

Fake It ‘Till You Make It – A Proven Success Trick | Lisaveta Ramotar

Lisaveta Ramotar wakes up every morning, she says, walks through how she wants her day to appear and also goes through all her recent achievements that she is proud of. Sometimes, she doesn’t feel like doing this – like everyone else, she has days when sleeping in sounds divine, and work seems too hard to handle. However, Lisaveta Ramotar learned that ‘faking’ a positive attitude while going over all the reasons she should be positive are real tools for those who are struggling to stay motivated.

Psychologists suggest that this type of behavior helps to adjust the subconscious mind and provides a higher level of motivation. Lisaveta Ramotar has stated that she finds many people’s struggle to succeed may often be centered around a lack of self-belief and personal strength. But by focusing on reasons to be positive, doing pep talks and focusing on improving your self-image, she believes anyone can transform their life for the better.

Set Your Success Goalposts | Lisaveta Ramotar

Frustration with a lack of progress is often the biggest destroyer of motivation. Lisaveta Ramotar has found that many people she talks to about motivation didn’t achieve almost immediate success and stopped pursuing their dreams. For example, some may put down the guitar after only a few lessons or may close down their small business because the income level isn’t as high as they expected.

Small goalposts, Lisaveta Ramotar suggests, are critical in this situation. Don’t define yourself by your ultimate dream! Doing so will only keep you from achieving it. Instead, she believes that people must have small goals that add up cumulatively to their big dream. For example, a small business should focus on steps such as making a profit before they try to expand to other markets. Lisaveta Ramotar believes that realism in the short-term helps enhance motivation by creating milestones that are much easier for most to hit.

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